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Some of the hills above Glen Feshie.

A Few of the Sgorans range of hills above Glen Feshie. First hillwalking trip after the halt on account of the Virus. An area of the Cairngorms on the Western fringe of the National Park well the part of the Park that contains what we know of as the Cairngorm hills. I left my motor at the Allt Ruadh parking area just managing to Squeeze in beside another twelve vehicles. Using the good path up from the area I left the path just before the ford crossing of the Allt Coire na Cloiche and headed up to the high point on pleasant vegetation. Although there was the possibility of coming across at least 25 or so folks on the hills in fact in such a large expanse of terrain during the day humanity became just specs on the distant paths with only occasional meetings with folks on the same itinerary as me but doing the walking in the reverse direction.                                                              The Sgorans.  The summit area of  Geal-charn, one of the several de-frocke
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Using the stride extender in the National Park during the time of the Covid 19 Virus.

The hills are out of bounds and using the motor to reach them is also not encouraged. Since I live within the boundaries of the Park I could reach some of the trails and sections of the 'Walking Ways' within the Park by using my cycle on round trips from start to finish. Using the B road into Kingussie I can gain access to the old Badenoch way and soon to become an additional section on the Speyside Way. There is now a smooth path beside the tarred road starting from close to the barracks, firstly on the right and later it switches to the left, prior to reaching the Hide. What is left of the old Ruthven barracks. On each of the three days out described it is possible to do Variants depending how you feel on the day A few images of the section of what will become the new stage extension of the Speyside Way....Kingussie through to Kincraig or in the more likely way for walkers Kincraig to Kingussie....I think that most walkers start from the North....well that