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Merely an extension to your stride? Getting around Glen Tromie and beyond using a bike.

From what I recall Lord MacKay gave a ruling on the challenging of cyclists using Glen Tilt just a short distance from  these Glens.  He stated, in his judgement,  that the cycle was not a vehicle but using one was merely an extension to your own stride...must have been sometime in the nineteenth century? But the same Glen was the scene of an earlier confrontation when Botanists were refused access to the Glen.  The Scottish Rights of way Society sorted out that little problem.     The old barracks at Ruthven close to Kingussie that I cycled past to reach the Turn off at Tromie bridge to gain entry to Glen Tromie. Before the Barracks were built there was a stronghold for the Comyns. Apparently the troops based at the barracks followed a diagonal path from here to bypass the earlier section of the current way into the Glen....Information at the Tromie bridge turn off for reaching both the Minigaig and the route trough to the A9.

Glen Tromie lends itself to the use of an off-road cycle t…
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Into the far North West.

A few images of the fine hills that we have visited in the North West of Sutherland.  To enable us to reach the hills we have stayed at the wee campsite overlooking the sea at Scourie a couple of times and at another camp close to Tongue.

The far North West.
 From Ben Hee accessed from the road above loch Merkland we look out towards the triple summits of  Quinag.